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The usual reason for being placed in BOUNCING status is an inbox that has exceeded its limit.  Common in mail services like Yahoo, Excite, Hotmail, and other "free" mail servers.  Their usual limit is somewhere between 3-6 MB of storage for your mail.

At this time Yahoo is putting members into bouncing status even though the member's email service is NOT bouncing messages to that member.  This behaviour is typical of Yahoo's total disregard for the security and service that they have promised their members. 

Bouncing status also removes your name from the active member list, thereby denying you any more emails.  Even if your viewing mode is set to "view on the web," if you bounce from ANY YAHOO GROUP, you are put on bouncing status FOR ALL THE YAHOO GROUPS TO WHICH YOU BELONG.

The only option open to us is to delete you from the bouncing category and from member status.  You are free to rejoin by going to:

But before you do, it would be prudent to check your mail service inbox. 

If you decide to rejoin tpfb3, you may consider changing  your viewing status to "NO EMAIL, VIEW ON WEB ONLY."  This action will eliminate any future problems with Yahoo's treatment of members who have exceeded their mail inbox limit.  However, even changing viewing status to "view on web only" does not mean Yahoo won't dump you into bouncing status.  Yahoo has already performed this outrage on members who were "view on web only." 

Thank you for understanding this situation.  We have no control over how Yahoo treats its members.  I hope this is a reasonable solution to your situation. 



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[tpfb3] File - Our group is now archived at GroupA...
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