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BLONDIE'S THOUGHTS:  happy new year everyone!!!!  i hope that 2005 will be a great year for you.

even prior to the asian tsunami catastrophe, we were beginning an alliance with a group called 100 friends.  this group's purpose is to help people in the third world improve their lives, not just by receiving, but by giving also.  marc gold, its founder, travels to countries such as india, thailand and sri lanka, (all countries heavily affected by the tsunami) and distributes money directly to those in need. he has been doing this for 10 years.  he gives them enough money to help themselves, and a little extra to help someone else they know who is even more needy.  this helps the receiver to be included in the cycle of giving. please check out marc's site  he will be updating it with 2004's numbers later on this week.
on SATURDAY, january 22nd, we will hold a meet and greet prior to our evening's party.  we will not charge for the meet and greet, but we do ask that you make a donation directly to the 100 friends project or at the event. cash is fine or you can make a check payable to FSD (Foundation for Sustainable Development)  with "100 Friends" written in the memo portion. you can also go to and click on "Donate Now". Make your donation and don't forget to type "100 Friends" in the "Designate Donation" box. this is 100% tax deductable and any amount is acceptable! i will let you know where the  meet and greet will be next week, but please let me know if you expect to attend, so that i can reserve enough space!!!
we will have a party following, and we will donate part of the proceeds from that party to marc's 100 friends project ourselves!
later today, i will take the first official step to improving blondie's even further.  we are looking to move to an even better location.  the house i have in mind is a long shot. it's REALLY big and REALLY expensive but i am in love with it!  i have high hopes in being successful in this endeavor, but we will need a partner or 2. i am not sure we will find what we need in that regard. but i am thinking BIG for all of you!!!
either way, a couple of fun things.  i believe we will have all of our parties catered in the future.  it makes for far less stress for vince, which is really important to me.  as good as vince's food is, having a professional chef on board is even better.  while we have one chef already, i believe he may not be able to attend every single one of our events. therefore, if you are a chef, i would love to hear from you.
2005 EVENTS: 10% of all January parties proceeds will be donated to tsunami relief!
FRIDAY JANUARY 7th, 8 pm:  BI CURIOUS NIGHT.  Ladies get your groove on!!! $70
SATURDAY JANUARY 22nd, 7 30 pm: MEET and GREET (location TBA) please make a donation!!!  couples party with select singles following at blondies at 9 30. $70
FRIDAY JANUARY 28th, 8 pm:  CABERNET TASTING.  bring a bottle to share if you want to try other cabs.   couples party with select singles. $70
SUNDAY JANUARY 30th, 2 pm: EXTREME PARTY!!! For EXPERIENCED women and couples, plus single men with or without experience. While our parties are without pressure, women who attend should be open to and comfortable playing with MULTIPLE partners, either simultaneously or sequentially. we shoot for a 3.5 to one ratio to make our EXTREME ladies really happy, but there are never less than two men present for every woman. Reservations for up to 30 guests, with 6-9 women. We offer a weekly membership rate of $20 for the EXTREME parties to single women, $50 to couples, and single men are $100.
FRIDAY  FEBRUARY 11th 8 pm: THIRD ANNUAL VALENTINES DAY GALA and ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!!  champagne/sparkling wine tasting!!!  (provided by us)  wear red, pink or white!  couples party with select singles. $80
FRIDAY  FEBRUARY 18th 8 pm:  MARDI GRAS !!!!! Wear your New Years Eve mask and/or  a costume for a gift!!!  couples party with select singles. $70  

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Porn[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Sexy Sammi sucks my...
[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Sexy Sammi sucks my...
Porn[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Sexy Sammi sucks my...
[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Sexy Sammi sucks my...
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[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] bathroom pics
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[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Kristara Barrington...
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[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] some AKX
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[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] beach
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[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Amanda 2
Porn[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Amanda
[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Amanda
Porn[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Sexy Sammi sucks my...
[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Sexy Sammi sucks my...
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[Assorted_Landscape_Paintings] Lena & The Hunter 1...