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I just want to take a minute to thank all of the Owners, Moderators and Members who have been posting, Great, Quality pictures that have made the last couple of months worth owning a group! I started these groups for fun and you have made it a reality!
Your posts, messages and links are truly fantastic and they are a tribute to the type of quality individuals you all exemplify!
To me, each and every one of you are an example of a great success story!
To mention a few:
Mr. Peepers
Top 5
Jos C.
Babes Galore
And all of you other posters who have contributed to make all Yahoo groups an enjoyable experience!
It has been my experience in life that all that most people hear are complaints.
Well it is my turn to tell you that you have my heartfelt thanks for sharing your time and energy to make Yahoo groups great!!!
In order to properly thank all of you, I will be leaving my server up and running this weekend!
With your permission, I will send your group members the link. It will have over 500 quality pictures, 10 quality movies and over 20 hot, erotic stories for all to share.
Thank You,
Owner of BBYI & TGAW

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