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Please write off list. Thanks for your offer of talk. My prayers will be with you as well!!
I am only an email away if you need me as well!!
Be good to yourself,
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From: Renee Harrison
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 1:32 PM
Subject: Re: [erotic_art_and_fantasy] * Personal Holiday message...O.T. *

Hello Lynx,
I am sooooo happy that your breast cancer was caught early enough.  I went in for my first mammogram at the age of 40, which is when I always was told that women should start getting them.  I had always done the monthly self breast exam and all and had a friend and the 2 of us called each other every month to remind each other to do the self exam.  Anyway, to make a long story short my first mammogram was "irregular" and other tests were done.  Unfortunately my breast cancer was not caught early.  I'm in stage 3 (late part of 3).  And I was told last week that the cancer is spreading into my throat and has affected my thyroid  and voice box. I am a survivor and if it is meant for me to beat this I know I will.  If you need to talk let me know. I'm here if you need someone.

lynx44512 <> wrote:
Greetings All,
I debated about *going public* with this message, but decided I really needed to do so for many reasons! First, I'm sure many have wondered why I have been so quiet and why I have not been posting as regularly. Second, I wanted to thank everybody for all of the wonderful posts that I have stored up in my absence. Sorry it could not be more personal, but you will soon see why it was not possible. Thirdly, I wanted to thank a couple of dear and wonderful human beings for helping me so much thru my recent trials and tribulations. Kim and Linda, you define the true meaning of friendship and I love you both! Forth, I feel so strongly now I need to *pay back* some of my good fortune.
So, here is the story. Around the beginning of Oct., I went for routine physical, and while I was there decided to stop in and get my mammogram. I was a little late doing it, my usual month is July I think. I thought all was fine until one day they left a message that they had seen something *irregular* and I should get a biopsy. And so, the dreadful roller coaster began, and not to bore you with all of the agonizing details, I ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer and this past Wed., I had surgery which included a sentinel node biopsy to determine if the cancer had spread beyond the breast to the lymph nodes. I am delighted to report it had not!! Things look very positive for my complete recovery.
But!! And here is the important part of this message...I am now living proof that early detection thru routine mammograms can be life-saving!!! Soooo, all of you ladies who have been putting it off because it's never gonna happen to you, make that appt. tomorrow!!!  I was not aware how massive the statistics were until I became one of them!!! One in every 8 women will get breast cancer. Ya, you read that right, 1 in 8!!!!!
Gentlemen, nag your wives, lovers, daughters, moms, and every lady you know to get a mammogram now!! Well, maybe you should not mention it to the waitress who serves ya, unless you know her well of course..  :-))
My tumor could not be felt, it was only detected thru that routine mammogram!! Are ya getting the message here???  LOL.
Anyway, now hopefully, the worse is over and I am signing off with a beautiful sig tag made for me which expresses how I feel now...
Oh, and there is lots of truth to the kindness of strangers!! I have been surrounded by support and love and prayer. And I will never forget the lady at the bookstore who knew I needed a hug and gave me one, or the several nurses and healthcare professionals who told me their own story and gave me so many reasons to hope...or the girl next door to where I work who gave me my first pink ribbon with a guardian angel on it....and even the lady who made this tag for me by chance when I really needed it!!!
God bless all of you!! Have the happiest of holidays, and get those mamms...  :-))
Thanks again, Kim, and Linda, for your fabulous support and love and Jeff for your tags.

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